A Touchstone Theatre Production

Written by
Bill George

Directed by
Christopher Shorr

Movement by
Cathleen O'Malley

Stage Manager
Emma Chong

In collaboration with
Moravian College Theatre

The Chronicle is bits and pieces--photos, back story documents, video and confessions--documenting the emergence of The Whitman Piece from little more than a notion of the mind, through it's various incarnations, workshops, readings, and finally to its first public staging April, 2011.

21st February 2011


The end of writing…kind of.

I’ve just finished version 4.1 of the Whitman Piece having worked on it for well over a year now.  It’s amazing, frustrating, and downright weird how a script can evolve and evolve and evolve.  Endlessly.  You just run out of time, that’s all.  That’s not entirely true.  Progress is made.  One does get to a point where things aren’t better, they’re just different, but I’m not there yet.  Tomorrow we’ll talk through the script with Christopher (the Director) and the rest of the Touchstone Ensemble—Lisa and JP—and then I get one more hack at it before rehearsals begin in a week.

I’m pretty happy with it, right now, but I expect once it’s “inflated” into three dimensions, there’ll be any number of “leaks” that have to be fixed.  We’ll see.