A Touchstone Theatre Production

Written by
Bill George

Directed by
Christopher Shorr

Movement by
Cathleen O'Malley

Stage Manager
Emma Chong

In collaboration with
Moravian College Theatre

The Chronicle is bits and pieces--photos, back story documents, video and confessions--documenting the emergence of The Whitman Piece from little more than a notion of the mind, through it's various incarnations, workshops, readings, and finally to its first public staging April, 2011.

8th February 2011


American Dream


First, break a leg with this ambitious project.  I certainly hope to get a chance to see it, despite the fact that my nest show opens on the same night this one does…

My sense of how I’m working toward that national dream is by keeping up with the news of current events, and by voting, signing petitions, writing letters to congresspeople and corporations and cabinet members pleading with them to do this or not to that, all in the hope that the country will continue to provide a greater range of equality and freedom (evn when those ideals conflict…).  I also think I help this dream along when I teach students to be more aware of the world around them and to be aware of the moral choices being made around them.

Hope that’s helpful somehow.  Maybe banal, but it’s the best I can do.  

Michael Swanson

Coordinator of Theatre and Dance, theatre professor

Elizabethtown College

Mariel Iezzoni commented on your post.”I once had a cab driver in Washington DC who was from Ethiopia. He ended up telling me that when he came here was no water and no way to get work in his village. He said in America, you can work hard and get somewhere. There is opportunity here in a way that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. America as an entity represents opportunity. It was easily the most eloquent way anyone has described “America” to me.”