A Touchstone Theatre Production

Written by
Bill George

Directed by
Christopher Shorr

Movement by
Cathleen O'Malley

Stage Manager
Emma Chong

In collaboration with
Moravian College Theatre

The Chronicle is bits and pieces--photos, back story documents, video and confessions--documenting the emergence of The Whitman Piece from little more than a notion of the mind, through it's various incarnations, workshops, readings, and finally to its first public staging April, 2011.

26th January 2011


The suggestions are in, and there are many.  It’s clear that the sprawling nature of the narrative is confusing people and it’s time to cut, to cut good stuff.  I believe Francis will go.  Javier will go.  Perhaps even Catherine.  Many thanks to all who’ve reflected on the work.  There is still much to do.  Much to do.