A Touchstone Theatre Production

Written by
Bill George

Directed by
Christopher Shorr

Movement by
Cathleen O'Malley

Stage Manager
Emma Chong

In collaboration with
Moravian College Theatre

The Chronicle is bits and pieces--photos, back story documents, video and confessions--documenting the emergence of The Whitman Piece from little more than a notion of the mind, through it's various incarnations, workshops, readings, and finally to its first public staging April, 2011.

30th December 2010



Spent over eight hours working on the script today, working all of Act I.  Five scenes, each scene three, four times.  The work goes on and on.  

When I was in Third Grade, I think it was, my teacher had us take a “nom de plume”.  I chose, forgive me, Winnie-the-Pooh.  I thought that that was a particularly clever, aristocratic and sophisticated name of which I was quite proud—that I was familiar with such exalted literary figures.  I remember writing my first creative piece, signing it with big letters—WINNIE THE POOH—and handing it in, confident of its brilliance.  A few days later it came back with a C, maybe it was a C+.

That one experience is something, strangely enough, I’m still trying to overcome, but at least I know I’m a bear of little brain, that the only hope for me is work, work, and more work.  

The final public reading (only public readings, really) are January 20 and 21 at Touchstone Theatre.  7 p.m. on the Thursday, 8 p.m. on the Friday.  Come on down to Pooh Corner.